Bloodthirsty Butchers – No Future

I distinctly remember welling up a bit when I saw this performance for the first time–the raw intensity behind Yoshimura’s voice is truly earth-shattering… Upon finally seeing the Kocorono documentary, I was deeply moved by what Ken Taniguchi (of fOUL) had to say about Yoshimura’s now-wife Hisako Tabuchi joining the band:

“Surprisingly, [Yoshimura]’s not confident about playing and singing at the same time. I think he feels like he’s inadequate, lacking somehow. And with his melodies, there are certain parts that require his complete attention. But nobody can play guitar like him. And rather than ask another man, he chose someone he loved. He met and fell in love with a girl, and felt that she would be able to express what was in his soul.”

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