Color Walk (Gloria)

It’s been awhile since I made a mix, so I thought I’d compile a handful of my favorite nineties rarities. Some of these bands are still around, while others have vanished off the face of the Earth–either way, these are some of the finest tunes to come out of my personal favorite decade of all time.

01. The Cat’s Miaow – It’s True
02. Super Falling Star – Someday
03. Iris – Statements by Scientists
04. Orange Cake Mix – Sunday Kind of Girl
05. Bright Coloured Lights – Count the Raindrops
06. Sharks Keep Moving – Intimations of a Moment
07. Juniper – Supercat
08. Swirlies – His Love Just Washed Away (4-Track Version)
09. June of 44 – Southeast of Boston
10. Coaltar of the Deepers – Guilty Forest

2 responses to “Color Walk (Gloria)

  1. Thanks Dave. I was the singer on track 3. I haven’t heard that song in16 years or so. I’m happy you shared it.

    • amazing, i love iris. that tune is actually how i found you guys–swirlies led the way, but i heard your track and fell in love. do you have any thoughts or experiences to share about this song, or maybe even just your time with this band? i shared the album “after school special,” (please let me know if you’d like for me to take it down, though something tells me you’re not too worried) and there’s definitely a soft spot in my heart for that certain early nineties something~

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