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The Depreciation Guild – Sky Ghosts (Live at the Mohawk in Austin, TX, 9-25-09)

Saw this one on youtube and nostalgia’d so hard I had to share it. Probably my favorite song of theirs, performed at the only show of theirs I was ever able to see.

indigo la End – 緑の少女

サラダデイズ (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫・*・.。.。.・*

The Corner – Interview with Jun Takahashi

“I think the mentality of minimalism, like getting rid of everything unnecessary, or just doing what we can do with our skills, is what we should embrace in these times, or in my personal life, too. In these times, and this applies to me as well, having the word ‘Less But Better’ in my mind, I thought the mind set of being simple with minimal systems was necessary. I tried to translate this outlook into my designs, despite I don’t know yet how much I can accomplish this in fashion. From now on ‘Less But Better’ will be key words for me.”

Via Organization

The Morning Benders – Virgins

[vimeo w=450&h=275]

Erik Madigan Heck for Ann Demeulemeester x the Corner

“It’s beautiful how a human being brings a garment to life. The inexplicable mystery and contrast of a man and a woman and how they intrigue. My aim has always been to incorporate authentic feelings in my work. Erik Madigan Heck’s short movie is a beautiful expression of this.”

Simply stunning.

Thee Michelle Gun Elephant – Boogie

This one brings back memories of a better time. “You call them rose-colored days if what you call today is grey.”

Bloodthirsty Butchers – No Future

I distinctly remember welling up a bit when I saw this performance for the first time–the raw intensity behind Yoshimura’s voice is truly earth-shattering… Upon finally seeing the Kocorono documentary, I was deeply moved by what Ken Taniguchi (of fOUL) had to say about Yoshimura’s now-wife Hisako Tabuchi joining the band:

“Surprisingly, [Yoshimura]’s not confident about playing and singing at the same time. I think he feels like he’s inadequate, lacking somehow. And with his melodies, there are certain parts that require his complete attention. But nobody can play guitar like him. And rather than ask another man, he chose someone he loved. He met and fell in love with a girl, and felt that she would be able to express what was in his soul.”